Overseas Dealer After-sales Service Policy 2021
I. Policy Implementation Period
The implementation period of the “Overseas Dealer After-sales Service Policy” (hereinafter referred to as “the Policy”) of Sveaverken products (hereinafter referred to as "Products") is from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021.
II. Warranty Policy
1. Warranty period of Sveaverken products shall be counted since the ex-factory date, which is 13 months for machines and spare parts. If the dealer or customer fails to provide warranty certificate or valid invoice, it will be calculated from the ex-factory date on the SN code implied in the device.
2. Within the warranty period, Sveaverken will provide free warranty services for performance faults listed in the Performance Fault Table, provided the machine is used and operated normally.
The Performance Fault Table is as follows:
Feed Pushing Robot Startup failure Please check if the power supply is connected normally in terms of circuit issues.
Abnormal shutdown
Abnormal charging
Abnormal moving
Abnormal route
Abnormal drum rotation
Emergency stop switch failure
Bumper failure
Smart Neck-Tag Activation failure as gateway cannot be connected Shake the smart neck-tag to activate it during first use
Low battery voltage indicated after successful connection
No data received by gateway after successful connection Check if the gateway is normal and configured correctly
LoRaWAN Gateway PoE adapter power indicator not on Check if the power supply is normal
Gateway power indicator not on Check if PoE and network cable are normal
Gateway not connected with network, and network connection indicator not on Check whether the network or network cable is normal
System indicator always on in red
LoRa state indicator always off Check the gateway configuration, and check if there are active smart neck-tags nearby
Failure to log in gateway through web Check if the IP address is correct
Intelligent Heat Lamp Controller indicator not on Check if the power supply of the controller is normal
Switch failure
Abnormal controller disconnection
Lamp working failure
Connection failure of controller with smart gateway
Intelligent Heat Lamp Gateway Startup failure Check if the battery SOC is sufficient
Connection failure of APP with intelligent heat lamp Check if the Bluetooth of pad is on
3.Situations not Covered in the Scope of Free Warranty
3.1 Faulty parts of product whose warranty has been expired;
3.2 Damage caused by force majeures (including but not limited to floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning strikes, mudslides, tsunamis, typhoons, nuclear leaks, etc.);r damage caused by feed animal attack, wild animal attack, insect disasters, livestock diseases and other similar natural factors; damage caused by improper operation (including but not limited to foreign matter entry, fluid entry, scratches, strong radiation, etc.);
3.3 Unauthorized removal/installation and repair; inspection and maintenance of product in service stations not authorized by Sveaverken; repair of individual parts in a Sveaverken authorized service station without the guidance of the Sveaverken after-sales team;
3.4 Faults and damage caused by unauthorized specification modification/change, or installation, addition or expansion of parts that are not sold, authorized or approved by Sveaverken;
3.5 Warranty identification sheet torn or too damaged to be legible; warranty card altered or inconsistent with the product; or barcode and serial number of parts torn or damaged;
3.6 Problems or faults caused by operation not as specified in the User Manual, improper operation or other misuses;
3.7 Parts requiring routine maintenance, external rubber parts, standard parts, vulnerable parts, etc;
3.8 Other conditions not listed in the Performance Fault Table.
III. Product Service Policy
1. Principle of Service
1.1 Based on the principle of "Who Sells, Who Services, Who Benefits", Sveaverken will regularly organize technical training to the service personnel of dealers to improve their service ability, and will provide technical consultation as well as service campaign guidance and support for dealers all the year round to gradually help them establish an effective customer service system;
1.2 For the first order of each Sveaverken product, Sveaverken team will conduct remote training for the service team of the dealer, including training on deployment methods, precautions, etc., and from the second order, the service team of the dealer is required to carry out deployment independently, and the Sveaverken team may provide remote cooperation;
1.3 If, due to dealer’s reasons, on-site deployment and commissioning by Sveaverken technicians is required for any orders after the first order, the dealer shall pay on-site service fees to Sveaverken (refer to the paid service charge standard);
1.4 If the service fee is to be reduced or exempted for some special reasons, the dealer can contact the sales personnel to apply to Sveaverken, and Sveaverken will decide to accept or refuse the application as appropriate.
2. Maintenance Policy
2.1 If the machine fails, the customer shall first contact the dealer for repair;
2.2 The dealer shall handle the fault on the principle of “Instant judgement, Instant indemnity, Instant repair” to protect the interests of customer and shorten the downtime, and if any part needs replacement, the dealer shall use the parts approved by the Sveaverken authorized service station, and any loss arising from use of unauthorized parts shall be borne by the dealer; Sveaverken will provide the part free of charge if the warranty is not expired, and if the warranty is expired, it will charge as per the Part Policy;
3. Service Assessment
3.1 If the dealer's service capability is not up to standard, or if the dealer breaches the agreement/contract, or disobeys Sveaverken’s instructions, Sveaverken has the right to adjust or withdraw the dealer's service qualification and service area, and may introduce another dealer to intervene in the service business;
3.2 When a customer raises a complaint to the dealer’s service, and it is investigated by Sveaverken that the customer complaint is true, and has a negative impact on Sveaverken's brand image and credit rating or the society, Sveaverken will impose a penalty of 1,000 USD on the dealer for each of such complaint, and if the situation is serious enough, Sveaverken has the right to directly disqualify the dealer and seek corresponding legal measures;
IV. Paid Service Charge Standard
1. Paid services refer to services which are not within the agreed scope and provided by Sveaverken for the customer as the dealer has no ability to handle, and for which Sveaverken will charge to the dealer, including hardware fault detection and maintenance, software debugging and installation and other service items;
2. Composition of Service Fee Service fee includes: labour fee and spare part materials fee Service fee = labour fee + spare part materials fee Labour feet: the fee of maintenance technician for providing maintenance services Part materials fee: the fee of replacement spare part, tools and maintenance consumables etc.
3. Labour Service Charge Standard The labour service fee is to be determined with such factors as service difficulty, technical level required, service hours and travel time fully considered.
4. For spare part materials fee standard, please ask customer service for details;
5. The service fee will be settled at the end of each month with invoice issued, and the dealer shall complete the payment within 5 days after checking.
V. Right of Interpretation
Sveaverken reserves all rights on the explanation of the Policy.